Bethenny Frankel is sending a ''supertanker'' plane to the Amazon rainforest, to help tackle the raging fires in the area.

The 'Real Housewives of New York' star has revealed she's doing whatever she can to help bring an end to the devastating fires that are ripping through the rainforest in Brazil, and has said she intends to send a ''fire truck in a plane'' over the area to dump water on the blaze.

She tweeted over the weekend: ''Gearing up to attack the Amazon crisis,specifically saving the lives of indigenous tribes & animals. Tomorrow I'll get specific but,i'm chartering a full size supertanker(fire truck in a plane)to spray massive area. I'll reach out w details for you to donate.Planning trip.#bstrong (sic)''

Bethenny, 48, then responded to several tweets about her plans and stressed the importance of sharing information, as many people who are calling for action to stop the fires are using photos taken years ago.

She wrote: ''The reason people are posting historical inaccurate pictures is because there is basically no access. My team is meeting with the government army & I should have photos by Th then a plan and more detail within the next weeks.#bstrong #globalempowermentmission. (sic)''

On Tuesday (27.08.19) Bethenny returned to social media to share what she says are ''legitimate'' pictures of the blazing rainforest, taken within the past week.

She said: ''These are photos of the #AmazonFires that have been taken in the past week, verified by the local officials as legitimate. I have these photos because my #BStrong team is on the ground now working on emergency response in the form of humanitarian aide & fire fighting support. (sic)''

And the reality star has now shared a CrowdRise campaign, which has been set up to raise money for her BStrong disaster relief program, which arrived in Bolivia on Monday (26.08.19) to help tackle the fires.

The campaign page read: ''This effort is particularly challenging because chartering fire fighting planes presents unique logistical issues and is extremely expensive to do.

''Right now, Bolivia is ground zero for this emergency fire situation, so this is where we will stage our team to provide resources, fire fighting, and direct humanitarian aid. Not only are these fires devastating plant and animal life, they are are also harming and displacing millions of people living in the area in already economically disadvantaged situations.''