Bethenny Frankel's dog has died.

The 46-year-old reality TV star has taken to social media to announce her beloved pet pooch Cookie tragically passed away on Monday (30.10.17), and she hopes her and her seven-year-old daughter Bryn's canine companion is as happy in the afterlife as she was living with them.

She shared a picture of herself kissing Cookie on Instagram and wrote: '' My furry first baby, May your next life be as beautiful as this one was over the last 17 years. Thank you for all the love you gave to me and my peanut. See you on the other side my love.

Xo (sic).''

The sad news came a day after the 'Real Housewives of New York City' star turned to her followers for help when Cookie, who had arthritis, suffered a lengthy seizure.

She posted: ''My baby @cookiedabooboo has arthritis,which is expected,bc she is older than dirt...but it's killing me that the end could be near

''What do i do when dog seizure???

''It happened a few times. Stay home quiet or vet? (sic).''

And she admitted at the time she expected the dog wouldn't survive her bout of ill health.

She wrote: ''My peanut & I experienced a 45 min dog seizure & have obvious decisions to make &'' in case'' goodbyes to say. @cookiedabooboo is still alive.

''It's clear what'll happen, but panic/trauma w 7 yr old is a lot. Constant seizures for 45 mins in car to vet 45 mins away. #sadhelpless

''And u are amazing. When ur alone in something terrifying, u don't know whether to move dog,put stick in mouth or sit still. This waa rough.

''She is not regaining consciousness. It's to be expected but this was a horrifying experience. (sic).''