Bethenny Frankel has been left terrified after her dog suffered a seizure.

The 46-year-old reality TV star took to social media to ask her followers for help as her beloved pooch Cookie, who has arthritis, had convulsions, admitting she was unsure whether or not to take the family pet to the vet for treatment.

She shared a video of Cookie having a fit, whilst her and her seven-year-old daughter Bryn watched on.

Speaking in the clip, she said: ''I know my dog's convulsing. Do I take her to a vet? What do I do? My daughter's watching this and we have to do something. The vet is 40 minutes away.

''Help us! What do we do?!...I don't know what to do! There's no vet--someone help me.

''Sorry, I didn't mean to scare everybody. My poor daughter and I are watching my dog have a seizure for 45 minutes and the [vet] hospital's so far out.''

The 'Real Housewives of New York City' star also took to Twitter to ask her followers for help and tweeted: ''My baby @cookiedabooboo has arthritis,which is expected,bc she is older than dirt...but it's killing me that the end could be near :(

''What do i do when dog seizure???

''It happened a few times. Stay home quiet or vet? (sic).''

Bethenny has revealed she has prepared for the worst.

She continued: ''My peanut & I experienced a 45 min dog seizure & have obvious decisions to make &'' in case'' goodbyes to say. @cookiedabooboo is still alive.

''It's clear what'll happen, but panic/trauma w 7 yr old is a lot. Constant seizures for 45 mins in car to vet 45 mins away. #sadhelpless

''And u are amazing. When ur alone in something terrifying, u don't know whether to move dog,put stick in mouth or sit still. This waa rough. (sic).''

Bethenny admitted it has been ''horrifying'' seeing her dog suffer, and the situation was made worse by the fact it was so difficult to get help.

She continued: ''My dog had too long a seizure & I'm p***ed the closest vet is 40 mins away. I'm in a bad place. She will be put down

''She is not regaining consciousness. It's to be expected but this was a horrifying experience.

''We did 3 mins into foaming/seizure.Holding 30lb convulsing dog w 7 yr old&driving w bone in dying dog's mouth is rough #dontjudge @pukiiob (sic).''

Bethenny later revealed Cookie is still alive and resting in hospital, but seeing her dog in pain is ''brutal'' for her.

She explained: ''Thanks for the love. @cookiedabooboo is alive but had a very high temp & 45 min seizure so she's resting at hospital. Not time yet....

''We're going to visit @cookiedabooboo bc bryn made her a card. This is brutal.

''She is 17 & did have 108 fever & 45 mins of seizures, but she licked Bryn & reacted to my belly rubs. Better today but TBD @toyisland8 xo

''Yes. I'm not delusional abt it, but she oddly seemed peaceful & MD said she's in no pain & it would be a miracle (sic).''