Buxom singer Beth Ditto has heaped praised on Keira Knightley for helping young girls to feel comfortable in their bodies. The Gossip frontwoman was thrilled when the thin actress complimented her "amazing body" recently, insisting Knightley is taking her position as a role model seriously by promoting the notion all shapes and sizes can be sexy. Ditto says, "The way I feel about Keira Knightley is that even if she has an eating disorder, it's good for people to hear her say something like that (Ditto has an amazing body), because people listen to her. "If she is anorexic, if she is sick, then she knows. And it's sad because she also knows that she wishes she wasn't that way, or she wishes things were different and that there was more than one way to be. "I don't judge women for feeling they have to be thin, because they're conditioned their whole lives to 'hate yourself, hate yourself, hate yourself'. I judge the world for being so anti-female."