Beth Ditto has become a shopaholic since finding fame - to make up for her childhood wearing hand-me-down clothes.
The Gossip frontwoman is known for her outlandish outfits and she admits it stems from her early years wearing second-hand ensembles.
She tells British TV presenter Fearne Cotton, "I shop. I'm a hoarder. It's a scarcity issue."
And Ditto cringes when she remembers being forced to wear maternity bras from her mother's friends when she was younger.
The singer adds, "My mum always had to make my pants fit me, which were hand-me-downs. We used to get bags of clothes from my mum's co-workers and they would have bras that no-one wanted, always maternity bras, like the wet-nurse bra, so I was in fifth grade wearing nursing bras that snap down and expose your (breast). So, now, I will never do that again."