Stars including Beth Ditto and Elaine Paige have reached out to Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle as she recovers from exhaustion in a London hospital.
Boyle soared to international stardom after her first audition on U.K. TV show Britain's Got Talent and gained a legion of famous fans, including Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, during her run on the series.
The unlikely superstar came second in the season finale on Saturday night (30May09) and was subsequently admitted to a rehabilitation clinic suffering from exhaustion after the whirlwind of appearing on the hit show.
And The Gossip star Ditto has offered to aid the Scot with her recovery - insisting a musical collaboration with classical Catholic trio The Priests will help Boyle.
She says, “I’m reaching out to Susan. She should hook up with me and The Priests. We would be the world’s first gospel supergroup. I think it’s horrible people have been making fun of her. Susan just wants to love Jesus and sing – it’s cute. Only I can help her out of her meltdown.”
Boyle also has another celebrity supporter - Elaine Paige, who wants to duet with the reality star, is keen to give her tips on how to handle the pitfalls of the music industry.
Paige says, "I really want to meet her as soon as I can. I hope I might be able to meet Susan when she is feeling up to it as I have so much advice I want to give her. I want to tell her to stay away from everything for a while and everyone connected with that show.
"She really needs to go home, get her head down and keep quiet. That is the only way she is going to get herself sorted out. These days people who become famous face a total onslaught and she has had a hundred times more of it that I did because of YouTube and globalisation. It would be difficult for anyone to deal with."