Beth Ditto wants to have a baby - and plans to call her child Yoko.

The openly lesbian Gossip singer has started a relationship with a long-time friend, known only as Kristin, and the pair have been discussing starting a family together.

Beth and Kristin would love to have a daughter so they could name her after one of their idols Yoko Ono - the widow of John Lennon.

Beth said: "Kristin is the one for me, for sure, and we've talked about having a baby and if it's a girl we will call her Yoko."

The 'Standing In The Way Of Control' singer also revealed she and Kristin have defined their roles in the relationship, and although she is happy to be the "femme" and for Kristin to be the "butch" she still takes on traditional male household duties.

She explained to The Times Magazine: "Like in our house, if something's broke there's no way Kristin would fix it - I would be the one to fix it even though I'm the femme."