Beth Ditto thinks Gossip aren't "cool" anymore.

The 30-year-old frontwoman insists she doesn't care that young people are no longer as interested in her band as they were when they released 'Standing in the Way of Control' in 2007.

She said: "I know 20 year olds don't give a s**t about Gossip now. I actually had a moment where I realised, 'We're not hip anymore', around the hundredth time I heard 'Standing in the Way of Control' on the TV.

"Do I care? No, I like it much more now."

Beth admitted while she enjoyed the "brilliant parties" she was invited to in the past, she hated the thought of people thinking she was a "d**k" for living the celebrity lifestyle.

She added: "I always enjoyed the freedom being viewed as 'cool' gave me. The access to things I never thought I'd have. I went to some brilliant parties! But I hated that people maybe thought I was a d**k.

"I did start thinking, 'When I was in school, I never wanted to be cool'. But I also never thought it would last. So I went hell for leather and enjoyed it until it was over. There was no strategy."