Bestival 2013 Goes Cruising

Bestival 2013 Goes Cruising

Bestival's spectacular 10th birthday with the finest alternative cabaret to debauched club action: London and New York's hottest gay party Room Service is coming to Bestival in a festival exclusive to take over The Port on Friday night with DJs Jodie Harsh, Kris Di Angelis and Severino, plus the excellent Horse Meat Disco make a return to Bestival. Also our glorious adventure-wonderland The Grand Palace Of Entertainment announces it's full line-up including Scottee's 'Camp', Drag: Cruise Ship Special, Massive In China, Sink The Pink, Gutterslut, Hot Breath Karaoke, Cardioke and many more delights with the venue dressed by Alex Noble, artist, designer and dressmaker to Lady Gaga.

Bestival Goes Cruising!

Room Service (Festival Exclusive)
Horse Meat Disco 

The Grand Palace Of Entertainment Featuring:

Outrageous Shows
Scottee's Camp (Festival Exclusive) 
Drag: Cruise Ship Special (Festival Exclusive) / Massive In China 
The Social Club Cabaret

Late Night Debauchery
Sink The Pink / Gutterslut

Shameless Participation
Hot Breath Karaoke / Cardioke
The Totally Exciting Championship Of Household Games Tournament /
Talent Show

Camp Disco Parties
Gino's Italopop Disco / Trevi Fontayne

Eyepopping Decor
From Lady Gaga's Dress Designer, Alex Noble

Bestival, 5-8th September 2013,
Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of WIght

There's always been a flamboyant air around Bestival. With a cheeky touch of chichi style and a knowingly arched brow, we've played host, over the years, to some of the most outrageous turns around, from the finest alternative cabaret to some deliciously debauched club action. So, with our spectacular 10th birthday fast approaching from September 5th-8th, we've lined up the biggest and the very best array of ostentatious entertainment you're ever likely to see, as Bestival goes cruising!