LATEST: Rocker Bertrand Cantat has been charged with the murder of his French actress lover Marie Trintignant.

Cantat has been held by Lithuanian police since 27 July (03), when the JANIS ET JOHN star was admitted to hospital in a coma, suffering head injuries considered to have been sustained following a dispute with her NOIR DESPAIR rocker beau.

Trintignant was pronounced dead on 1 August (03) after spending five days in a coma, which an autopsy showed was caused by severe blows to the head.

Prosecutors have refused requests from both families's lawyers to allow Cantat to return to France.

Cantat, who denies the murder, claims his belle's death was a tragic "accident".

Trintignant was buried on Wednesday (6AUG03) at the famous PERE LACHAISE cemetery in Paris, France - the resting place of The Doors frontman JIM MORRISON and British author Oscar Wilde.

10/08/2003 14:08