French rocker Bertrand Cantat will stay in a Lithuanian jail until 31 December (03) on murder charges, following a new court ruling today (07OCT03).

NOIR DESIR frontman Cantat has been held in Lithuania since late July (03) after his girlfriend, actress Marie Trintignant, was found beaten into a coma. She later died.

Cantat's lawyer, VIRGINIJUS LEONAS PAPIRTIS, had sought the singer's release, saying he posed no risk of fleeing from the Baltic state.

Like previous hearings, Cantat, who is being held on suspicion of manslaughter, was not in court when the decision was made today.

Trintignant, 41, died on 1 August (03) in a Paris, France, hospital after she was beaten while in Lithuania where she was starring in a film. An autopsy found she died from multiple blows to her face and head.

07/10/2003 21:56