French rock star Bertrand Cantat has been jailed for eight years for killing his actress girlfriend Marie Trintignant.

A Lithuanian court convicted Cantat, lead singer of NOIR DESIR, of fatally beating the star to death last July (03) during an argument, saying, "The guilt of the accused is indisputable."

Trintignant, 41, daughter of French film star JEAN LOUIS TRINTIGNANT, died from swelling of the brain after being punched four times by Cantat during a row in their hotel room.

During the high-profile trial, a remorseful Catant, 40, admitted slapping Trintignant, but insisted her death was an accident.

He told the court, "I don't understand. I just can't understand. We lived an extraordinary moment, I loved Marie with all my being.

"I loved her and I'll always love her. I think of her each second and I'll always think of her. I can't erase her from my memory."

Cantat's lawyer, OLIVIER METZNER, who originally tried for the lesser charge of reckless manslaughter, has announced his intention to appeal against the sentence.

Trintignant has been in Lithuania filming TV movie COLETTE.

29/03/2004 14:24