Funnyman Bernie Mac will be thinking twice before he flies to Europe again - because his last trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was "hell".

The actor/comedian recently flew to the European city to shoot OCEAN'S TWELVE, and found the visit a culture shock that started on the airport runway.

He says, "It's a 13 hour, 14 hour ride. That's hell. And we had an emergency landing. We was on the runway for five hours."

And Mac admits he was shocked by Amsterdam's famous legal marijuana use.

He adds, "Everything is legal. Weed is legal. And they ride scooters and bikes.

"I was in my car and I felt like I was in a tank because everything is so small. I cut this guy off and he was hollering at me like he wanted to do something. I remember thinking, 'He high, he high.'

"The police smoke weed, man. Ain't caught a criminal in 50 years."

The funnyman was also taken with Amsterdam's love of all things cheesy: "Every time you sit down they bring you about 20 different cheeses. My stomach hurt so dog gone bad, I tell you."

06/09/2004 09:02