Late star Bernie Mac vowed to continue filming his 2005 movie Guess Who despite suffering from a rare disease, according to co-star Ashton Kutcher.
The comic - real name Bernard Jeffrey MCCullough - died on Saturday (09Aug08) after losing his battle with pneumonia.
Kutcher claims MAC battled sarcoidosis, an immune system disorder, while filming the comedy.
But the star continued shooting the film - because he refused to let the illness get him down.
Speaking to talk show host Larry King as part of a special Tribute to Bernie MAC show, Kutcher says, "Bernie's not the guy that's going to take the day off because he's sick.
"I went to see him in the hospital. And, even when he was in the hospital, he was still Bernie. And he came back to work. And he was on oxygen and actually came to work and between takes was on oxygen. And he would take the oxygen (mask) off and do a take and then put the oxygen back on because he couldn't get enough oxygen into his lungs."
But Kutcher insists MAC was never worried about his health.
He adds, "I think Bernie was too busy living to worry about not living. I don't know if he was worried about his health. But I know he was a hard enough working man that he came to work with an oxygen tank on that he would take off between takes because he wanted to be there to support everybody.
"We had no idea for the longest time. And even then, he showed up at work like trying to pass it off - it was no big deal."