Rocker Bernard Fanning has warned fans not to expect to hear Powderfinger songs on his solo tour as he has given up playing the band's anthems since their split.

The Australian musicians played their last ever show together in 2010 before retiring from the music scene, but frontman Fanning is stepping back into the spotlight with a solo tour Down Under.

However, he wants Powderfinger supporters to know they won't be hearing any of the band's material at his shows.

He tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "(I am always asked) 'Are you going to play Powderfinger songs on this tour?' It doesn't put my nose out of joint. I understand why people would like that... I can see how much affection there is for Powderfinger still. And I totally appreciate that. But I'd be on a hiding to nothing if I play them. If I played Powderfinger songs people would be say 'Oh how f**king lame is that, he's playing Powderfinger songs'...

"It really doesn't matter how many times I say I will or I won't, people will probably always hope that I do. Let's just leave people hoping. For me it kind of defeats the purpose (of going solo)."