Caesar Must Die, a gritty film about a group of Italian prisoners who stage Shakespeare's Julius Caesar , won the Berlin Film Festival's Golden Bear award Saturday. The black-and-white "semi-documentary," produced with actual prisoners serving time at Rebibbia, a maximum-security prison in Rome, was the latest work of famed octogenarian brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani. When it was acquired by Adopt Films at the festival on Wednesday, Tim Grady, the company's co-manager, said, "The film should be an inspiration for many students previously unfamiliar with the accessible work of these masters as well as for longtime admirers of riveting Italian cinema."

Berlinale Silver Bear Awards Jury Grand Prix Bence Fliegauf's Just the Wind ; Director Christian Petzold, Barbara ; Actress Rachel Mwanza, War Witch ; Actor Mikkel Boe Folsgaard, A Royal Affair; Script Arcel and Rasmus Heisterberg, A Royal Affair ; Outstanding Artistic Achievement, Lutz Reitemeier, White Deer Plain .