Berenice Marlohe has revealed to that she thought Daniel Craig was "very boring" until she met him. Speaking on the red carpet at Cannes, the new Bond girl explains that she fell for his "magical aura" on the set of the new Bond movie and ended up finding the Bond star "extremely sexy."

Berenice, a French actress was none too excited to learn that she'd be sharing screen time with the British actor and told reporters "What you see in the magazines is very boring, because it's cold and most of the time it doesn't have charisma." Luckily for both of them, when she finally met him on set, she was pleasantly surprised by his charm: "he had such a beautiful humanity, very grounded, very nice personality, sense of humor, truly a great person. So this is what makes someone sexy or attractive."

Marlohe, 33, also revealed that she made it her aim to create a Bond girl that had a character with as much complexity as Bond himself. "You can't put her in an obvious field like you could before, saying she's a good girl, a bad girl, a Bond girl. So she's complex, like Daniel did for James Bond." She added that she enjoyed the thrill of working with guns, as well as the fight scenes that she had to film for the movie: "I really like to fight and so this is very funny. It's like dance, you feel like a child when you have to fight with someone, I really like that."