Controversial manager Benny Medina has confirmed he will be in charge of Mya, Brandy and Mariah Carey's careers - after parting ways with a disgruntled Jennifer Lopez.

J.LO dumped Medina as her career-molding manager after five years, but instead of sitting on the sidelines, the businessman quickly began negotiations to land deals with the sexy songbirds.

Medina is also excitedly awaiting the opening of The Fighting Temptations, starring Beyonce Knowles and Cuba Gooding JR, the first film produced by his company HANDPRINT. The movie hits American cinema screens on 19 September (03).

Lopez ditched Medina earlier this summer (03) before filing a complaint with California labour officials claiming he misrepresented her, acted as an unlicensed talent agent and withheld money that was rightfully hers.

01/09/2003 09:31