LATEST: Latino pop star Benny Ibarra has urged fans of his pal Paulina Rubio not to judge her after she was denied U.S. residency for drug use. The 36-year-old and her husband Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera are alleged to have travelled to the U.S. consulate in Juarez, Mexico, in September (07) to apply for their visa, and both underwent a medical exam at the International Medical Clinic as part of the process. The couple's tests came back positive for marijuana use, while Vallejo-Nagera's also showed results for ecstasy and cocaine, according to Mexican newspaper El Diario de Chihuahua. But Ibarra, who was a former member of Rubio's band Timbiriche, insists there must have been some mistake. He says, "I'm nobody, and I wouldn't dare to judge Paulina, and more than anything, I'm like a big brother and support her however I can. "I think she's a woman who's worked a lot in that country (America), and I'd really like her to get out of this somehow, but I'm not familiar with what happened, I've heard the gossip and rumours, but nothing specific." But Ibarra insists that if Rubio is a drug user, she should go out of her way to hide it and protect her image: "In the end, Paulina can do what she wants with her life, it's her responsibility, and if she's going to behave badly, (I hope) they don't catch her."