Benji Madden is desperate to clear up rumours suggesting his relationship with Paris Hilton is on the rocks - insisting they are "very happy" together.
The Good Charlotte rocker's romance with the hotel heiress was called into question when rumours the pair had both cheated on each other began circling gossip websites.
The reports were further fuelled after Hilton spent a boozy night out in London allegedly flirting with young British royals Princes William and Harry.
But Madden has hit out at the rumours, insisting it's hard to have a high-profiled relationship without being easy targets for gossip-mongers.
He tells, "It's very frustrating when you finally find yourself in a good relationship and people attack it. I wear my feelings on my sleeve. I'm very open about how in love I am - Paris and I are very happy."
And the rocker claims he takes inspiration from his idol Johnny Cash, who was never parted from his wife June for any prolonged period.
Madden adds, "I read this Johnny Cash book and it said they were never were apart for more than four or five days. So when Paris and I started getting serious, I was like, 'We shouldn't be apart that much.' We try not to go longer than a week without at least seeing each other for a day or two. That's kind of our rule."