Benji Madden once pretended to be his twin brother Joel in a desperate attempt to avoid a speeding ticket that could have cost him his driving licence.
The Good Charlotte star admits he panicked when he realised he was close to losing his driving privileges after one too many traffic violations and switched licences, telling cops he was his sibling Joel.
During an appearance on Australian radio's The Kyle and Jackie O Show, during which he fooled the hosts into thinking he was his twin, he revealed, "I've gotten pulled over by the police before and I had Joel's licence on me. If I had gotten one more ticket they would have taken my license, because I speed sometimes... so I gave them Joel's (details) and he got the ticket!"
Madden admits he is often mistaken for his brother while he is out and about in Australia - after Joel landed a judging job on TV talent show The Voice, but he doesn't bother correcting fans.
He adds, "Since Joel has done The Voice, every time I come to Australia everyone thinks I'm Joel! I don't have the heart to tell them the truth... It's grandmas and stuff... I just go along with it!
"I don't want to be a jerk and say, 'Hey, listen old lady, I'm not Joel!' I don't want to break their hearts, they would be so upset when they find out they're not meeting Joel!"