Actor Benjamin Bratt made his new drama LA MISSION a real family affair - he stars alongside his wife in a film written and directed by his brother.
The former Law & Order star's older brother Peter penned the script for the hard-hitting movie, about a father who struggles to come to terms with the fact his son is homosexual.
The Bratts shot La Mission in their native San Francisco, California and even recruited some old pals as extras while filming in the Mission District.
Benjamin tells People magazine, "It's a place that's been our backyard since we were born. It was very much like a block party."
Peter Bratt adds, "A lot of friends we grew up with did cameos. It was a family affair."
Benjamin enjoyed working alongside his actress wife Talisa Soto Bratt, but admits he struggled a little with her role: "(It was) incredible. The only difficulty was that she was playing someone else's wife!"