Acting hunk Benjamin Bratt has slammed the decision to cast predominately white actors in epic blockbuster TROY - revealing he was turned down for a role because of his skin colour.

The 40-year-old was enraged when told he had failed to secure a part in the movie, because his skin was "too brown".

Bratt fumes, "About a year and a half ago, I read a wonderful script called Troy and, though the leads were set, even the tertiary roles, smaller in size, were of interest to me. I succeeded in getting a meeting, but was told that I was 'too brown'.

"What do people in Asia Minor look like? If they all look like Brad Pitt, fine. After the major roles were established, they said they were

only going to hire British actors."

The film's producers Warner Brothers argue that Bratt was too high profile for a supporting part and British actors were hired "to qualify for a lucrative British financial incentive".

Bratt - a former lover of actress JULIA ROBERTS - has consoled himself by starring in this summer's action movie CATWOMAN alongside Halle Berry.

14/06/2004 17:21