Actor Benjamin Bratt's infant son is wowing the girls at his pre-school. The Miss Congeniality star was surprised when he found out little Matteo Bratt, two, already has three girlfriends - who he regularly kisses. He says, "Matteo just started pre-school. His first week he was very nervous and tepid about being there. "But last week I went to pick him up after a long day at school there, his teacher pulled me aside and said, `I think I should let you know that Matteo is a bit of a Don Juan.' I said, `Is this something I should be concerned about? What is he doing?' "(She said), `Well he's got three girlfriends and he tends to kiss them on the cheek.' And I said, `Should I talk to him about it?' And she said, `No, it's actually being reciprocated.' Let's just say the fruit falls not that far from the tree."