Benjamin Bratt and his wife Talisa Soto have found a way to keep their newborn son Mateo quiet when he starts fidgeting - they play recorded sounds of gushing water for him.

The PINERO co-stars, who welcomed their second child into the world on 3 October (05), are thrilled they've already discovered an efficient method of calming their baby down.

Bratt says, "He has his fussy moments. But luckily, they have these amazing new bassinets that we keep right next to our bed in the bedroom. When he gets a little bit fussy, you just hit a switch and it gives you the option of the sound of crickets or birds or frogs croaking.

"But my favourite one, and the one that works the best, is like the sound of gushing water. I guess it mimics the sound of the womb. So in five seconds he goes out."