Benjamin Bratt plans to turn down the chance to take back his role in the Basic Instinct sequel if bosses offer it to him, after his CATWOMAN co-star Sharon Stone initially rejected him.

Progress on making BASIC INSTINCT 2 fell apart in 2001 when Stone rejected several male co-stars - including Bratt.

But the actress recently announced she plans to start making the movie later this year (04), although the male role remains uncast.

And now Bratt, ex-boyfriend of OSCAR-winning actress Julia Roberts, has decided he won't be accepting any offers to appear alongside Stone in the anticipated movie, if he were asked.

He says, "When things fall apart, you have to move forward."

And, to this day, Bratt remains unsure about the reasons for his rejection, explaining, "I don't know exactly what happened. All I know is at one point I was in, and the next I was out."

21/07/2004 21:33