Former LAW & ORDER star Benjamin Bratt has credited his role in the hit TV show with giving him a "lifetime cinematic immunity pass" with the police - insisting he always escapes tickets because of his cop fan base.
The actor shot to fame playing Detective Rey Curtis in the longrunning drama series in the 1990s. He quit in 1999 to pursue a film career, but returned to the role for a one-off guest appearance in 2009.
And Bratt claims his popularity on the cop show still resonates with police officers, who often laugh off motoring offences in return for an autograph.
He tells the New York Daily News, "(I have a) lifetime cinematic immunity pass. If I get stopped for making an illegal left turn, or for exceeding the speed limit, I'll hand over my ID and when the police see my clean-shaven face on the license, they say, 'Hey Curtis, just slow it down next time, will you? And can I have your autograph?"