Actor Benjamin Bratt agonised over picking a name for his new son because he wanted make sure it was "macho" enough.

The actor has a three-year-old daughter with actress Talisa Soto, but felt different when his son was born.

He explains, "When I had a son I felt immensely more macho. I don't know why. The chest puffed out and I thought 'I have a son!'

"The initial challenge we faced was the name thing, you want to have a cool name for your son.

"I wanted him to have a name that was reflective of that macho feeling that I had (when he was born)."

After much deliberation the couple finally agreed on the name Mateo Bravery.

Bratt explains, "We came up with 'Mateo' which is very sweet, because it means 'gift from god' and we picked 'Bravery' for the middle name. It's something for him to aspire to."