Benicio Del Toro and Jeff Daniels are set to make up two of THE THREE STOOGES if movie-maker brothers PETER and Bobby Farrelly get their way.

The THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY directors are bringing the black and white movie trio, CURLY, MOE and LARRY back to the big screen and they've got two of their three stars in mind.

Peter Farrelly tells IGN FilmForce, "The Stooges is something we've wanted to do for years and years. It's a very tricky movie to get made. I'm not sure why, but usually our best movies are, so I'm happy about that.

"The Stooges has just been a nightmare, because there's nothing like The Stooges now. It's a lot of hitting. And studios are confused. It's like, 'How does this work?'"

Peter confirms to the website that he has Del Toro in mind for Moe and DUMB + DUMBER star Daniels for Larry.

The Farrellys are also hoping to add a leading lady to the mix: "There's a really good female role, kind of a bad girl role. That will be really fun to cast. I'm not sure who we'll go with, but it's a great role."

The brothers hope to star shooting the new Stooges film in March (06).