Benicio Del Toro has been granted citizenship by the Spanish government, for his "artistic talents". Born in Puerto Rico, the actor moved to Pennsylvania with his father at the age of 12 but recently applied for Spanish citizenship, according to the Associated Press.
The 44-year-old has garnered numerous awards throughout his distinguished career, and won an Oscar in 2000 for his role in 'Traffic'. The Spanish government said it was happy that Del Toro has sought Spanish citizenship and was only too pleased to approve his application. The country usually requires new citizens to renounce any other nationally before they are given a Spanish passport, but reportedly makes exceptions for people from Latin American countries, including Puerto Rico. Pop singer Ricky Martin was also granted Spanish citizenship last week, with daily newspaper El Pais and Agence France-Presse both reporting that he is looking to take advantage of the country's same-sex marriage law and tie the knot with his partner, economist Carlos Gonzalez. The singer's grandmother is reportedly Spanish and owns a home in Madrid.
The citizenship comes just months after Del Toro welcomed his first child, with model Kimberly Stewart. The couple are not currently in a relationship, but Benicio was present at the birth of Delilah in Los Angeles in August.