The British actor’s stellar career has seen him dominate the big screen, small screen and theatre stages over the last few years, in parts including Doctor Strange, Sherlock Holmes and Hamlet.

While Benedict appears busier than ever at the moment, the father-of-one revealed he is actually planning to scale back his work load.

"You know, people joke with me that I never stop, and I really haven't this year. It's been insane. To the point where I've got a two-month break after this. And my smile just gets bigger and bigger,” he grinned to British GQ.

"I want to get to the stage where I do a couple of big projects, then I'm taking a break, then maybe three or one, then another break. You know, other people are involved (now). Sophie (Hunter, wife) is working. And there's the kid's education."

Benedict and Sophie who married last year (15) welcomed their first child, son Christopher, in June 2015, and the couple recently announced they are expecting baby number two.

The actor admits his priorities have shifted when it comes to work, and although he’s happy to work long hours, he makes sure he gets home to see Sophie and Christopher when he can.

“Getting home to see your family becomes the main thing - I'll do the overtime, but can I make bath time?" he said of working long hours on the latest series of Sherlock.

It was playing the super sleuth that propelled Benedict to global stardom, and he admits he can’t go a day without being recognised. Despite this, he still makes sure he takes Christopher to the local playground himself.

“(What’s the alternative) Build your own playground? And I don't ever want to do that, it's a way to have a screwed-up kid, without a shadow of a doubt,” he shared.