Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was caught up in the terrifying chaos on London's transport network in the midst of the 7/7 terror attacks in the U.K.

The British star was travelling on the upper floor of a bus in the British capital in 2005 when terrorists exploded three bombs on underground Tube trains and another device on a bus in the city's Tavistock Square.

Cumberbatch has told of his rising horror as news of the explosions filtered through, triggering panic as passengers stampeded to get off the vehicle.

He tells British magazine Event, "Everyone on my bus was in a state of panic. They had heard about the bomb on the other bus across London in Tavistock Square and started running over each other. There were kids, there were women, it was a real fight to get them down the stairs.

"I staggered out into the street. I was on my way to help a friend with a workshop at the Young Vic theatre and I couldn't get through to him. The phones were jammed. Everyone around me was also talking about massive explosions on the Underground."