Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't want to be stereotyped as an English villain.

The 36-year-old actor was concerned about being perceived as another well-spoken, British bad guy when he took on the role villain John Harrison in J.J. Abrams' upcoming sci-fi sequel 'Star Trek Into Darkness'.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I am very aware of the English tradition of an actor being from a different culture coming over and they are being like, 'God, this guy does theatre and c**p. We'd better give him the bad guy role and a cape and just make him be really horrible.' ''

The 'Sherlock' star also admitted he couldn't identify with the franchise's loyal group of fans - known as 'Trekkies' - because he has never been obsessed with anything.

Although he was aware of the TV series and films, Benedict admits 'Star Trek' didn't mean a ''huge deal'' to him growing up.

He confessed: ''I watched it and knew of it and I've seen pretty much every generation of it and I've seen some of the films, but I have never been an obsessed fan.

''I've never had that longing to be in the club, even a soccer club actually. I guess it's something to do with being an only child. I was very gregarious, but, I think, never obsessed with anything. I just sort of bought the T-shirt.''