Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter ''couldn't keep their hands off each other'' on honeymoon.

The couple, who got married on the Isle of White on Valentine's Day (14.02.15) and are expecting their first child, enjoyed a romantic road trip in California shortly before the Oscars.

An eyewitness, who spotted the duo driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in a silver convertible Jaguar, said: ''Benedict looked completely in love, he only had eyes for Sophie.''

The 'Imitation Game' star, 38, and the theatre director, 36, ''mainly kept to themselves'' but were ''polite and friendly'' to fans when they pulled over at a petrol station.

The insider told E! News: ''[They] kissed, hugged and held hands even when they were pumping gas.''

The British actor previously joked he was spending his honeymoon on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' but the couple are expected to jet off on a longer break together to celebrate their ''magical'' nuptials now that awards season is over.

Benedict recently admitted he was looking forward to taking some time off to prepare for the birth of their first child after a hectic few weeks.

He told the MailOnline: ''I've been on muddy fields and on horseback playing Richard III for the BBC and I've been on more flights to Los Angeles and back than I can count. All of that has been special, but I'm ready to have a couple of months to ourselves to prepare for the baby and do some nesting. It's a real-life role, not a part.''