Benedict Cumberbatch is ''sick of chamomile tea being called tea''.

The 42-year-old actor has said he wishes people would come up with a new name for the hot beverage, as he doesn't believe it should be labelled as ''tea'' because chamomile - a herb that comes from flowers - isn't grown in the same strict environments as tea leaves.

Speaking as he ranted to Dave Berry during an appearance on the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show, the 'Doctor Strange' star said: ''Shall I just really vent now? I'm sick of chamomile tea being called tea. It's not tea! Tea is a green leaf that comes mainly from the foothills of India and South America - places that have beautiful mountains. It needs to be a sub-tropical, alpine climate. It's a very specific process. Chamomile is not grown in these environments. So, that's not a tea.''

The 'Grinch' star then went on to imitate the way people often ask him if he'd like sweetener or milk in his chamomile tea, hinting that the questions also get on his nerves.

Chamomile tea is often drunk for its health benefits - which include improved sleep quality and better digestive health - and for Benedict, that's not the only way he keeps his body healthy as he recently admitted he was more addicted to ''yoga and meditation'' than he is to alcohol.

Asked if he's ever been addicted to anything, the 'Sherlock' star - who has sons Kit, three, and Hal, 19 months, with wife Sophie Hunter - said: ''No. I've had the opportunity, but even with that thing of having a glass of wine when the kids have gone to bed, I'm like, 'I'm quite tired and I don't really fancy that glass of sugary alcohol', boringly.

''I'm very happy with near sobriety. I have the odd blow out, now and again - a big birthday or a crazy weekend at a festival - but I prefer yoga and meditation.''