The makers of Bend It Like Beckham are taking the hit film's British distributors to court over claims they owe them millions in unpaid fees.

A writ has been issued to London's High Court on behalf of producer DEEPAK NAYAR, claiming the team behind the low budget 2002 movie should be rewarded by REDBUS FILM DISTRIBUTION for its unexpected global success.

A film insider says, "Deepak and the director Gurinder Chadha were struggling artists who had a huge success with a tiny budget and they should be rewarded for that.

"No one could foresee its massive commercial potential and everyone was surprised when it topped the box office. But instead of generating goodwill it seems to have generated acrimony."

However, a spokesman for Redbus has blasted the legal case filed against them: "It's one of the most spurious claims we've ever seen. We are a company with an unblemished reputation and this is Deepak's first hit.

"There's a disagreement between parties over a very complicated set of recoupment procedures. We don't agree with the way they've calculated it."

Bend It Like Beckham - starring Parminder Nagra and KEIRA KNIGHTLEY - centres on the daughter of orthodox Sikhs who defies her parents by joining a woman's soccer team.

24/09/2004 02:36