Ben Stiller tried to get out of appearing as himself in British TV comedy EXTRAS - because he thought people would always see him as a "monster" afterwards. The Hollywood actor committed to the part before seeing the script because he was such a fan of the show's creator, The Office star Ricky Gervais. But after reading his lines, Stiller was mortified to see Gervais had made him out as a tyrannical, diva-demanding director. He eventually agreed to play the part after Gervais persuaded him it was all part of the English sense of humour. Stiller says, "After reading, I was horrified that that's how Ricky saw me. "I thought it was going to be some great funny turn, but instead I'm this monster. Are people going to know that it's funny and is supposed to be a joke? "And to me, that is what's so great about Ricky's humour - there's a fine line between reality and what's funny that can be so uncomfortable."