Comic star Ben Stiller loves teaming up with his Hollywood pal Owen Wilson on the big screen - because their partnership ensures the gruelling workload is alleviated by hours of fun and hilarity.

The STARSKY + HUTCH duo - who have previously joined forces on THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, ZOOLANDER and MEET THE PARENTS - don't intentionally commit to starring in movies together, but admit their similar personalities make shooting a thrill when they do sign up for the same film.

Stiller says, "It's not on purpose, but I love working with Owen. We're just friends who end up working together a lot. I find him really funny in real life, sometimes inadvertently. He just makes me laugh. I think we're similar.

"We had even more fun than usual making Starsky + Hutch. The producers blocked off the parking lot at Hollywood Park race track and for three or four days they showed us how to do power slides and reverse 180s and stuff like that."

12/03/2004 13:58