Comic actor Ben Stiller almost broke his wife Christine Taylor's nose during filming of their new movie DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY.

The ex-Dallas actress, 33, fell out with Stiller for a week after he hit her face twice with a ball during rehearsals for the film, about a group of eccentrics who try to save their local gym by entering a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament, in which contenders aggressively throw balls at their opponents.

Stiller, 38, says, "The worst injury was sustained by my wife, when I hit her in the face. Twice. That affected our relationship for a week.

"There's no way not to get upset with somebody after you've done that. It sent us back to eighth grade. I felt I could let loose with her because she was my wife."

Taylor adds, "He felt really bad about it but the only serious damage was to my ego."

Stiller plays a bad-tempered fitness instructor who falls for Taylor's lawyer character in the movie, which hit American cinemas yesterday (18AUG04).

19/08/2004 02:44