Hollywood actor Ben Stiller wants to meet with California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER - to ensure ferrets remain banned as pets in the Sunshine State.

Stiller was bitten on the chin by one of the creatures on the set of his new movie Along Came Polly, and now brands his fourlegged co-star "evil".

He rants, "Ferrets are horrible creatures. It's an elongated rat that's wearing a mink stoll or something like that. I'm not a fan of the ferret.

"They're actually illegal to have as pets in California and there's a bit ferret lobby that's trying to legalise them. They have a huge machinery in place. I think I wanna spearhead some anti-ferret legislation. I'm not afraid. I'm willing to stand up to the pro-ferret people. "And by the way, Schwarzenegger knows about this - he's worked with animals. I saw CONAN, okay. He has battled beasts. He knows how scary they can be."

14/01/2004 08:35