Ben Stiller once crept into the green room backstage at his hero DAVID LETTERMAN's late night chat show - as part of a nerdy Star Trek bet.

The actor and a high school pal dared each other to "do the impossible" and make it into the famed guest area - and Stiller has always kept the story a secret until he appeared on Letterman's show on Tuesday night (23SEP03).

He stunned Letterman by recalling, "There was this thing called a Kobayashi Maru (corr), which was the test for a starship captain to take to do the impossible.

"So, we got tickets to the show and we went up with the audience and we split off and we somehow weasled our way into the green room and found ourselves sandwiching Jacqueline Bisset on the couch. Barry White was there and he gave us a little bit of a look. But we just hung for a while."

25/09/2003 09:17