Actor Ben Stiller made an unexpected cameo in the Beastie Boys new movie, when he was caught on camera dancing around and singing at one of their concerts. The band has released AWESOME: I F**KIN' SHOT THAT!, a movie which captures their 9 October (05) gig at New York City's Madison Square Garden. The group gave 50 fans hand-held Hi8 cameras and told them to film the concert and several of them shot footage of Stiller enjoying the show. Band member Adam Yauch, who is also known as MCA, conceived of the idea of having audience members film the show. Yauch explains, "We had a lot of Stiller cam. "He's dancing around, lip-synching, and people were telling me his wife (Christine Taylor) was standing next to him and saying, 'Chill out Ben, everyone is filming you, stop it!'"