Ben Stiller faced a barrage of insults from Zac Efron, Kiefer Sutherland and puppet TRIUMPH, THE INSULT COMIC DOG at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (31May09) as he accepted his lifetime achievement prize.
Sutherland and Efron poked fun at the actor/director as he was handed his MTV Generation Award and the offensive puppet had audience members screaming with laughter as he tore into the Zoolander star with a string of gags.
Triumph joked, "Your winning this year's Generation Award confirms what we've long suspected - after Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers and Chewbacca, they were running out of both comedians and people who looked like apes."
He added, "I guess comedy is in your DNA, as well as monkey ears, monkey arms and monkey forehead."
Meanwhile, 24 star Sutherland fought back pretend tears as he recalled his pal's most "inspiring" movie moments, suggesting Stiller's crude comedy scenes in 2004's Meet The Fockers are "what the craft of acting is all about."
He added, "Whenever I'm going through a hard time or I feel down or disillusioned, I pull out my DVD copy of There's Something About Mary and I just let it play, man," insisting the scene featuring Stiller "masturbating standing up" still inspires him.
Sutherland quipped, "It makes me realise that there is excellence out there and it is worth pursuing."
The actor ended up 'sobbing' onstage and had to be held by Stiller as he made his acceptance speech.