Ben Stiller admits he has grown to resent being continually slapped by a capuchin monkey for the Night at the Museum films.

Stiller reprises his role as museum security guard Larry Daley in Night at the Museum 2 and despite the action switching from New York City to Washington DC, the Tropic Thunder star still has to cope with a museum full of enlivened exhibits and a monkey who packs a punch.

"I'm beyond tired of working with the monkey, I think I resent her!" Stiller joked.

"I think I have a Pavlovian reaction to getting slapped by the monkey," he added.

"She has a Pavlovian reaction to slapping me and getting good, and I have a reaction where I get slapped and want to kill her!"

Speaking at a London press conference ahead of the family sequel's release, Stiller told co-star Ricky Gervais: "I'd much rather have done scenes with you."

Gervais' jokingly replied: "Oh, thanks, you'd rather work with me than a monkey. Great!"

Night at the Museum 2 is released on May 20th.

19/05/2009 00:01:01