Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn turned comedian Jay Leno's chat show set into chaos last night (23JUN04) - when they broke into an expected game of dodgeball in the studio.

Stiller appeared on the show to promote his hit movie DODGEBALL when he began to slight co-star Vaughn's sporting skills.

He told Leno, "Vince Vaughn, who's the star in the movie, looks very athletic. He kinda comes off like he's sort of like a macho guy. He's like six-foot-whatever, but actually not too coordinated. Not really great with a dodgeball."

As he spoke, unannounced guest Vaughn walked out to confront him, which prompted Stiller to immediately run behind his seat and pick up a ball to throw at Vaughn. They being rapid fire over Leno's head with Vaughn missing Stiller before getting hit by the ball himself.

A defeated Vaughn said, "I didn't wanna hit him. I didn't wanna hurt him. I just wanted to give him a warning.

"There's a lot of residue from what happened in the movie still carrying over. But it's time to let it go. I wanna get past it. I think you're phenomenal kid!"

24/06/2004 20:56