Comedian Ben Stiller will produce and direct a new TV pilot starring his wife Christine Taylor. The currently untitled comedy series is reportedly based on Taylor's life as a small-town girl turned big-time Hollywood actress. Stiller will have a recurring role as her movie star husband. The couple, who married in 2000, have two children and have worked together on movies such as ZOOLANDER and DODGEBALL. Both stars have also made numerous television appearances, including guest-starring roles on FRIENDS and Arrested Development, although not in the same episodes. On the new show, Taylor's character will juggle her career and her family with a lot of relatives from her hometown still very involved in her life. CBS entertainment president NINA TASSLER says, "There are times when she is befuddled by her status - being an actress married to a big movie star." Taylor is best known for her role as MARCIA BRADY in the THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE.