Hollywood stars Ben Stiller and Luke Wilson have begun filming their movie version of seventies TV hit Starsky And Hutch complete with one original prop from the series - the detective duo's famous car.

Twenty-three years (80) after the final episode of the show, which starred Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul, their STRIPED TOMATO red coupe car has been brought out of retirement to appear in the new $100 million (GBP60 million) film.

Stiller plays DAVID STARSKY and Wilson takes on Soul's role KEN 'HUTCH' HUTCHINSON in the movie - due for release next year (04). Rapper Snoop Dogg will play pimp HUGGY BEAR - made famous by Antonio Fargas.

An onlooker on the new movie's Los Angeles set says of the project, "They seemed to be having real fun and couldn't believe they had such great parts.

"It is going to bring back a lot of memories for people who grew up with the show."