Stiller thought it would be a hoot to write a scene in the new Zoolander sequel, in which he holds on to Cruz's character Valentina from behind "for buoyancy" as she suggests they swim to Rome, before diving into the sea.

The funnyman was sure the boob grab would raise a few titters among film fans, but he wasn't laughing when his co-star's husband showed up on set on the day of the shoot.

Asked who wrote the scene during an appearance on America's The Daily Show, Ben said, "It wasn't Javier Bardem, I'll tell you that, but he did come to the set that day."

Meanwhile, Stiller used his Thursday (11Feb16) TV interview to clear up reports he met the Pope while shooting in Rome, Italy.

"I didn't meet the Pope," he explained, "but I got to meet the Mayor of Rome, which was cool. He's actually a liver transplant surgeon."