Despite the addition of numerous critically praised films to the marquees of thousands of theaters, the overall box office plummeted 20 percent from the same week a year ago. Widening their releases were such Oscar hopefuls as Dreamgirls, Pan's Labyrinth, The Queen, Babel and The Last King of Scotland. But the winners were holdovers, including the urban musical Stomp the Yard, which placed first with $12.29 million, and the Ben Stiller comedy Night at the Museum, which placed second with $12.01 million. The latter film has now crossed the $200-million mark with a total of $204.85 million. The musical Dreamgirls moved up one notch to third place with $8.01 million.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Exhibitor Relations (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):
1. Stomp the Yard, Sony/Screen Gems, $12,287,352, 2 Wks. ($40,550,946); 2. Night at the Museum, 20th Century Fox, $12,012,724, 4 Wks. ($204,852,656); 3. Dreamgirls, Paramount, $8,008,749, 5 Wks. ($77,415,704); 4. The Hitcher, Focus Features, $7,818,239, (New); 5. The Pursuit of Happyness, Sony, $6,310,133, 5 Wks. ($146,121,200); 6. Freedom Writers, Paramount, $5,207,062, 3 Wks. ($26,524,683); 7. Pan's Labyrinth, Picture House, $4,502,243, 4 Wks. ($9,932,414); 8. Children of Men, Universal, $3,710,945, 4 Wks. ($27,491,508); 9. The Queen, Miramax, $3,400,061, 17 Wks. ($35,557,521); 10. Arthur and the Invisibles, Mgm, $3,080,698, 3 Wks. ($9,272,106).