Singer/songwriter Ben Lee is suffering from concussion after he was struck on the head by a bottle at a gig in his native Australia. The CIGARETTES WILL KILL YOU hitmaker, 27, was performing at the Margaret River Pro surfing event in Western Australia when an unruly audience member threw the dangerous object at the singer. Lee, who used to date actress Claire Danes, says, "I was in a whole bunch of shock and made a quick decision that I wasn't going to subject myself to any more physical danger, and ended the set prematurely. But I'm OK. "I did not like seeing people being crushed and kicked in the head down the front of the crowd." Local police office SCOTT ETHERTON adds, "The crowd just seemed agitated and very aggressive and we put that down to the excessive consumption of alcohol prior to the event and the illicit drug use. It's disgraceful and it's just marred an event which is an international event."